Stephen Connell Research & Consulting

Sunday 18.11.2018


Our quantitative work includes online, telephone and face-to-face surveys, in the UK and elsewhere.

Sometimes a broad picture is needed of current activity and behaviour but there is often a requirement for more complex statistical analysis: examples include market segmentation, the use of choice models for the optimisation of product and service bundles and the identification of the key drivers of customer satisfaction.

Qualitative research has traditionally been focused on depth interviews and group discussions (aka focus groups) carried out face to face; but tele-depths and online groups or bulletin board sessions are sometime preferred, either for cost reasons or because the community of interest is widely scattered.

Online group sessions can also be better at creating an understanding of what individuals (rather than the group) think. Sometimes these methods are combined: a preliminary qualitative programme sets parameters for a quantitative survey or a customer survey raises issues which have to be subsequently explored in more depth.

A formal interviewing programme is not always the answer. Some clients want an analysis of market trends. Answers are obtained by scrutinising published sources and internet sites, an by interviewing opinion formers, key market players (e.g. retailers), regulators and technology experts.

All of these sources are combined and cross-referenced until the answers are found.

We’ve worked with Stephen for over ten years during which he has assisted us on some really challenging national and international business-to-business research projects. He is great at identifying the most appropriate fieldwork options for a particular research problem – he has a sound instinct, rooted in tremendous experience, for what will work best in a project.

Danny Dicks, Principal Consultant
Innovation Observatory Ltd