Stephen Connell Research & Consulting

Sunday 18.11.2018


The focus is on three broad classes of problem.

  1. Product and service innovation: user needs and requirements, optimising features and pricing, proposition development
  2. Customer satisfaction and loyalty: tracking studies, key driver analysis
  3. Relationship auditing for B2B organisations whose business is based on a small number of very large accounts

Assignments vary from a few days’ work to major international projects.

We offer a range of services, each combining data collection with the ability to find fresh ways of delivering meaningful information

  • depth interviews and focus groups
  • telephone and web surveys
  • project design, management and interpretation
  • workshop facilitation and leadership
  • C-suite and senior executive interviewing
  • statistical modelling and analysis

Interviewing and data collection can be in a variety of languages and can cover a wide range of countries and locations. We have interviewed in more than 50 countries, in every region of the world.

The experience which makes all this possible and credible includes more than twenty years in market research agencies and consultancies.

Project examples.

IT vendor working for government clients
An annual programme of 50-60 telephone or face to face depth interviews with senior stakeholders: covering service operations, relationship management, alignment of business model and confidence in the company’s technology and management. Each interview is individually reported and available on a secure portal.
Global logistics company
One of the world’s largest logistics organisations wanted to assess the extent to which its Global Account Management function was aligned with the expectations of its largest multinational customers. A mixture of telephone and face-to-face depth interviews was carried out, across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our report showed that there one major issue to be addressed. An initial presentation with the customer’s Global Account Management team was repeated twice: with a senior management team and then with the CEO.
An engineering services company working for public utilities
A total of 150 managers in 39 customer accounts were interviewed face-to-face, by telephone or using an online questionnaire. The 9 face-to-face interviews were in 3 major accounts and were separately reported in individual account reports. A mixture of strategic and operational issues were identified. A follow-up workshop with senior management set priorities and allocated responsibilities for actions.
The Parish Plan Committee for Bramley, Surrey
1247 people completed a questionnaire (50% response) online or on paper. It asked three questions

• how important is this aspect?
• how well does Bramley do?
• what are the issues and what should be done?

about 43 aspects of village life, grouped under 11 broad headings (e.g. Crime, Policing & Antisocial Behaviour)

Two key problem areas were identified as needing attention by a majority of those interviewed. Seven other areas also needed attention and affected a substantially minority. A wealth of comments on these issues was the basis for an action plan that was agreed and implemented.
European software vendor
A telephone survey in the UK, France and Italy, examining reseller attitudes to a computer security product; and identifying areas in which the client could improve loyalty and business levels in channels for the SME market.
Mobile telecom operator
A quantification of the Egyptian telecommunications market. 1,000 face-to-face interviews with households and 500 business telephone interviews provided a detailed picture of attitudes to and usage of television, telephone services (fixed and mobile), the internet and data services. The survey results were used to model the business case for a potential market entrant.
Telecommunications Operator
A fixed line service provider needed an assessment of the scale of current and potential patterns of wifi and 3G data services as a replacement for home broadband connections. 200 consumer internet users were surveyed using an online panel; and 200 businesses interviewed by telephone. The consumer sample were split evenly between users and non users of USB dongles; and the business interviews were equally divided into those that did and did not provide USB dongles for staff.
IT company – hardware, software and services
A programme of depth interviews with data centre managers in UK, France and Italy examined server consolidation and virtualisation strategies and awareness of our client’s activities in this market. A follow-up survey – 300 telephone interviews with senior IT managers – identified clear opportunities for our client to improve its customer awareness of its capabilities and intentions in the virtualisation space.
Industrial consortium
Quantification of household usage of and attitudes to LPG (Liquid Propane Gas). 2,100 online interviews across seven European markets provided national and regional baseline data for the targeting of a promotional campaign.
Incumbent telecom operator
Optimisation of features and prices for multi-service bundles to be launched by a telecom operator in a Southern Europe market. 550 face to face interviews obtained details of TV, landline, mobile phone and internet usage. A discrete choice question set elicited preferences for feature combinations at varying prices. The report presented recommendations for triple and quad play bundle feature and price optimisation.
Supplier of technology to the mortgage lenders in the UK and Ireland
Two waves of focus groups with mortgage brokers and financial advisers, in the UK and Ireland, examining user reaction to the current and proposed functionality and services. The findings set priorities for the delivery of new features.
Educational publisher
A pricing survey carried out in the USA for an educational publisher. Telephone interviews with university research administrators examined current methods of identifying funding opportunities for academic research; and then assessed attitudes to a number of pricing options for a new database service, using the van Westendorp price model
Government department
Depth interviews examining stakeholder attitudes to a proposed reform in a specialist area of the UK public sector. An assessment was also made of the impact and credibility of the key messages that were proposed for the communications campaign.
Multinational Research & Development Organisation
Desk research and expert interviews across Western Europe to examine commercial, technical and regulatory trends in a specialist part of the satellite broadcasting market. The report identified possible scenarios for market development and key uncertainties.